Study Resources for the Mathematics, Natural Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Categories

LabXchange is an innovative online education platform created at Harvard University that offers a diverse array of science-related content and resources to learners across the globe. ​Part of Harvard's Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning, LabXchange aims to enhance science education and foster global collaboration in learning.

LabXchange offers a wealth of educational content, personalized learning opportunities, and the chance to engage in collaborative and practical learning experiences. This makes it an ideal resource for students looking to excel in science while benefiting from the educational expertise associated with Harvard University.

With its strong connection to Harvard University, LabXchange is a free, open-access study platform for students registered in the online exams of the Neo Science Olympiad. Furthermore, this platform provides resources for the preparation of the curriculum and exam questions especially for the Math and Science categories for the NEO Grand Final, which will take place in New York, USA on July 5-13, 2024.