1. A single round of exams will be conducted ONLINE for the MATHEMATICS and SCIENCE categories.
  2. Each selected exam category requires a separate $10 payment.
  3. Before selecting a category and making a payment, it is important to check the exam date and time.
  4. The exams will be conducted online between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm according to local time in the country of the local round.
  5. Once an exam has been paid for, it cannot be canceled or refunded.
  6. Students who are unable to take the exam due to unforeseen circumstances will not be given an alternative or make-up exam and no refunds will be provided for missed exams.
  7. The exam language is English for all categories.
  8. The exams will take place through the Student Panel, and there will be no supplementary exam links distributed via email.
  9. The Olympiad is open to all students in the grades listed below:
    > Mathematics > Grades 3-11
    > Science > Grades 3-11
  10. There are no age restrictions. Students should register based on their present grades, regardless of their school year of enrollment. Please click on the link below to access the educational year and corresponding grade level comparison table by country.
    Comparison Chart
  11. During the exams, it is essential to have an active Zoom camera connection. The camera must remain turned on throughout the exam, and the student's ID must be set as display name. Technical specifications regarding this will be provided at a later time.
  12. If a participant, who does not fulfill the requirement of having a camera on during the exam and who’s ID cannot be identified, ranks among the top 3 students, their position will be transferred to the next student in the ranking.
  1. Evaluation and assessment of exam results will be conducted on the country-specific basis.
  2. All students who participate in the Neo Science Olympiad will receive a digital certificate of participation.
    a. The top 3 students (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) in each grade and category will receive a Digital GOLD Medal Certificate.
    b. Distribution Rates of Digital Medals and Digital Achievement Certificates for Each Grade and Category:
    - The top 10% of the participants will receive a Digital Gold Medal Certificate.
    - The next 10-25% of the participants will receive a Digital Silver Medal Certificate.
    - The next 25-50% of the participants will receive a Digital Bronze Medal Certificate.
    - The next 50-80% of the participants will receive a Digital Honorable Medal Certificate.
    - The last 80-100% of the participants will receive Digital Participation Certificates only.