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Welcome to the Center For Neoscience!

Neoscience literally means new science. The Center offers an other than mainstream perspective on the idea of mind. Our research is based on the premise of non-biological mind theory, this is the premise that mind extends beyond the biochemistry of the brain. While this may seem to be an insignificant statement it has wide ramifications for a variety of areas from theoretical physics, to intellectual property law, to existential rights, or rights of existence to name a few.

It also brings us to ask basic questions about how do we know what we know? And, what is the nature of reality?** The Center's research, publications and developmental initiatives are in the areas of consciousness studies, bioenergetics, and existential rights.

At first glance these topics seem to be dissimilar; however, we have found that common connections exist between them that allow us to utilize a scientific methodology to investigate and answer some of the most pressing questions of our time. These range from when life begins and ends, to defining what life is, what the nature of consciousness is and how it relates to matter, what is sentient, what is non-sentient.

This in turn leads us to the core issues relating to existential rights, the rights of existence of the individual and the rights of a given species. Our goal is to provide information as well as actionable items that help promote sustainability, peace and plenitude.


What you will find here:

At the Center in order to promote the cause of existential rights we have done research into consciousness studies, definition of life issues, and bio-energetics. The center provides information on each of these elements to its members. In addition to this we have taken action by helping to sponsor the development of two industry models. These are:

A computing platform built on web 3.0 technology as a means to provide a global voice to individuals accross the world. This is being built out by Rational Data International, a partnering organization.

Bioenergetics research as a means to address definition of life questions from a scientific viewpoint.


Checks and balances:

The center also utilizes the collective wisdom of spiritual practices and disciplines as a comparative strategy to validate, test and develop basic principles found to be truisms in cultures and teachings around the world. In this way we combine the wisdom of the past with the knowledge of today as a sort of temporal check and balance system. Our goal is to find coherent, and consistent answers to basic questions about the nature of mind, self, thought and reality that satisfies both spiritual perspective and scientific evidence.


** Epistemological and ontological questions are at the foundation of discussions about worldview, information theory, learning theory, human change process, and transformation.





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